We at Hornbill Industrial Training Ltd are an Engineering Training provider based in South Wales servicing national and international companies training needs. We deliver CompEx Electrical/Mechanical and EAL Electrical courses.


Hornbill Industrial Training is a company that has experience in diversified sectors and services including, Training & Development in Oil & Gas, Electrical Utility Sectors, Manufacturing, Construction and Petrochemical Sectors.


Hornbill Industrial Training recognises the increasing requirement for training and competency assessment of personnel working in the hazardous area environments throughout their markets. As a Company we work with other training providers in Europe and the Middle East, providing the technical expertise and consultation for their delivery of CompEx and EAL training courses. We provide trainers and assessors for courses in other centres that have expanded their Hazardous Area Training portfolios.


The CompEx scheme and EAL recognition has been identified as a route to accreditation. The courses are based upon the IEC Standards, primarily IEC 60364 and IEC 60079. Hornbill is the global solution for Competency Validation and Certification for electro technical and mechanical craftsperson’s working in potentially hazardous or explosive atmospheres.


Hornbill Industrial Training, with an agreed implementation and resource delivery schedule with the client, has the experience and resource to assist the client to attain and maintain licenced accreditation and course delivery.

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